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Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing. We expect a high volume of requests due to the release of DSM-5. Request will be processed in the order that they are received.

SECTION I. Contact Information:

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SECTION II. Bill To Information:

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SECTION III. Material to be Reproduced:

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For DSM-5 Criteria Requests (List Criteria):
For DSM-5 Requests:
  • Uses needed, from the list below, must be clearly stated in the request. No blanket or derivative rights will be granted.
  • A document must be attached to the online permissions request form showing the tables as they will be reproduced in your publication. DSM material must match the source exactly, with the exception of style and format changes.
  • Each table must show the copyright notice: Reprinted with permission from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, (Copyright 2013). American Psychiatric Association.
  • Please note that for DSM-5 requests, we will only grant up to 50% of the total number of diagnostic criteria in the book.

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SECTION V. For Electronic Product License Requests Software/Electronic Health Record Only
This section is for requests to license Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) material in an electronic health record or other specialized medical or billing software product. Reproduction of DSM alone is not permitted. Licensed product must contain value added information.
Name of Your Product:
General Description of your Product:
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Price Structure (Please specify: one-time fee for unlimited use, subscription based fee, user-based fee, access based fee, or other type fee):
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Material You Would Like to License  
   DSM-5 Classification(Codes and Disorder Names Only, pp. xiii-xl):
   DSM-5 Classification (Codes and Disorder Names Only, pp. xiii-xl),    and DSM-5 Diagnostic Criteria:

SECTION VI. Acknowledgements and Signature:

I acknowledge that submission of this request for permission or receipt of a permission fee quote does not constitute permission, and that any use of any copyrighted text or images owned by APA or APP is unauthorized unless and until I am in receipt of a signed permission letter, electronic product license agreement, or email.

I further acknowledge that my proposed use may be such that I may be required to enter into an Electronic Product License Agreement in APA or APP's sole discretion.

I further acknowledge that if any usage or administrative fees are assessed by APA or APP, the signed permission may be withheld until such fees are paid.

Please ensure that the form is completed in its entirety. Incomplete forms may delay processing of your request.

Types of uses that are not granted:
  • Use of material in mobile device applications such as ipad, itouch, iphone, android, blackberry, or any other devices
  • Use of DSM material in self-diagnosis
  • Use of DSM trademark
  • Reproduction of American Psychiatric Association and American Psychiatric Publishing logos
  • Reproduction of entire DSM content in another publication or product
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